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About the NOVELIST

Neil Perry Gordon has made his mark on the literary world with the force of a tempest, bringing a fresh and dynamic energy to historical and metaphysical fiction genres. Embracing the notion that fiction lays bare the obscured truths of reality, his impressive repertoire, which now includes the highly acclaimed “Eternal Patriots: The Crusade for a More Perfect Union,” demonstrates this conviction across over a dozen published works.

Cultivated in the fertile grounds of the Green Meadow Waldorf School, Neil’s inherent storytelling fervor was cherished and refined, much like a rare vintage that matures to reveal the subtleties hidden within. The arts were not merely taught—they were an experience to be absorbed with every sense, unlocking the deeper truths behind our everyday façade.

In the alchemy of his storytelling, Neil Perry Gordon is akin to a master painter. His prose is a palette where the hues of humanity are rendered in stark, gripping detail. He conjures the metaphysical into reach, making the intangible dance upon the page with the same vitality as the historical scenes he resurrects, so vivid they seem to pulse within the present.

Neil’s steadfast commitment to the art of storytelling, coupled with his innate ability to render rich, immersive narratives, has earned him a hallowed place among literary connoisseurs. With each story he crafts, Neil pulls back the curtain on reality, revealing the underlying truths that lie beneath. He serves up generous helpings of literary fare that celebrate the intricate, wondrous expanse of human experience.

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Neil Perry Gordon's writing style is evocative and mystical. He weaves intricate tales that transcend the ordinary and delve into the profound depths of metaphysical exploration.


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