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Neil Perry Gordon is a highly regarded and prolific novelist acclaimed for his historical and metaphysical fiction. With eleven novels and a novella to his name, his latest work, "Between Two Gates – A Young Man's Quest Towards Birth," showcases his literary prowess. Gordon's writing has garnered commendation from esteemed publications like Kirkus, Midwest Book Review, and Book Viral, while his readers on platforms such as Amazon and Goodreads have also praised his works with countless positive reviews.

Neil's education at the Green Meadow Waldorf School played a significant role in shaping his passion for writing. There, he imbibed the belief that music, dance, theater, writing, literature, legends, and myths were not mere subjects to be studied, but experiences to be embraced and absorbed.

In terms of his writing process, Neil adopts an organic approach. Rather than relying on a detailed outline, he begins with a premise for his characters and allows the story to unfold naturally. This method gives rise to unforeseen twists and captivating outcomes that have captivated readers. His novels strike a remarkable balance between character development and exhilarating action, ensuring a dynamic pace that keeps readers engrossed.

Neil Perry Gordon's dedication to his craft and his ability to craft engaging narratives have firmly established him as an accomplished author in the realms of historical and metaphysical fiction. With each new publication, he continues to enthrall readers with his imaginative storytelling and insightful explorations of the human experience.


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Neil Perry Gordon

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